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September 2, 2017


Mass Leader flies blurred tricolour, Bharjari too may follow suit

The recently launched mass leader Shivarajkumar-star, which speaks of a military that fights terrorism, has blurred tricolor in all the scenes in which it appears.

The Bharjari who will soon be released, with Dhruva Sarja, could also do the same if the director can not get an opinion from the Ministry of Interior (MHA) on time.

There is a provision set by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), following a Supreme Court order of six months, many filmmakers know Kannada. It is now mandatory for each film using the national flag to obtain prior authorization from MHA.

The filmmakers must specify if the script does not require the use of the national flag and must comply with the flag and mast measures as prescribed by law.

“I am afraid I will get permission from MHA in time. I could also be forced to climb the national flag,” said Chetan Kumar, director Bharjari.

Tarun Shivappa, producer of the mass leader was informed by the Central Bureau of Cinematographic Certification Board (CBFC), Bangalore, to “remove the flag or hide”, citing MHA orders.

When contacted, Srinivasappa, Regional Specialist at CBFC-Bangalore, said the rules came after the recent verdict of the apex court.

The national flag is specified as an emblem in the Law of 1950 (Prevention of misuse). The flag may not be used for the purpose of any commercial or industrial activity, without the prior approval of MHA.

Violation of the rule is punishable by imprisonment for a period of up to three years or with a fine, or both.

“The board had asked the leading producer of masses for the lack of definition of the tricolor in some scenes in the absence of authorization,” he said.

A former member of the Hindu Advisory Committee that the Supreme Court on November 30, 2016, pointed out that it is the sacred duty of all citizens to respect the ideals enshrined in the Constitution, and such an idea is to show respect for the national anthem and The national flag.

The CBFC in its film certification objectives in India says that national symbols and emblems are not presented, except in accordance with the 1950 Emblems and Names Act (Prevention of Impossible Use).

The leader of the mass leader, Narasimha, said he was not aware of the rules. “As CBFC asked us to bypass the flag in all scenes, the movie was finished and we did not have the necessary permission.

As we did not want to dilute the intensity of the scene by removing it, we are committed to blur the flag, “said the director.

Bharjari speaks of a patriot family that hoisted the national flag in all the national festivals. “We shot some scenes of the tricolor floating without knowing the rules of MHA and CBFC. We do our best to get permission,” said Chetan Kumar.